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Glacierware Mfg Inc
142 Pleasant St, Easthampton, MA 01027



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 for Cool Ideas

If your looking for the most refreshing frozen treat, or just looking for the best way to keep your beverage the coldest possible.
Look no further!!!Slush Mug... Slushy delicous treats for every one

Original Slush Mug...Slushy treat Maker
Imagine your favorite beverage, enjoyed as a smooth refreshing slush, that you eat with a spoon or sip through a straw!!

Using NO ICE, the Slush Mug turns your favorite beverage

Coffee's, Soda pops, Healthy Juices)
into an Ice Cold slushy treat.....(More)




The Refrigerating Frosty Mug and Ice N ColdFrosty Mug..Refreshing to the last drop

From room temp to 34 in Minutes
Nothings worse than a warm beverage, when it's supposed to be cold. Consider the Frosty Mug. With it's patented removable Glaciercore, the Frosty Mug will chill even your warm drink to a tongue snapping 34, in Minutes, and hold it there for HOURS without ice to water the beverage down. Sodas, Milk and Beer the way it's supposed to be.......(more)

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We know you'll be 100% satisfied with out products. But you probably think "How can this work?". Don't worry. If your not 100% satisfied we'll take them back for a full refund!!! That easy.

Secure Server Site

We process your orders, on a 100% safe and secure processing site. We take MasterCard, Visa and Discover Cards.  We do not sell or use your personal information collect to complete the order, FOR ANY Purposes.

Your SAFE and Secure with US


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Free Shipping (Continental USA) for Web customers on orders over $35.00

Slushee Special
Original Slush Mug
Buy 3 get 1 Free..

Ice N Cold or Frosty Mug  Specials
Buy 3 get 1 FREE...(more)

·Enter our Monthly Drawing for
a Free Slush Mug Set
See Details


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